National Equity Agency Makes Profound Difference to Families Facing Property Foreclosure

More families facing foreclosure have witnessed NEA’s personalized service, with the US-based real estate team leading the way in recovering any excess proceeds from the foreclosure sale of any home. Its real estate experts thoroughly research foreclosure cases to find excess proceeds that homeowners don’t even know they have coming to them.

National Equity Agency (NEA) has stepped up efforts to provide comprehensive recovery and foreclosure assistance, assisting homeowners and estates in regaining control of their financial future. 

The Florida Beach real estate company, known for minimizing the impact of foreclosure on families and ensuring a fair resolution to the challenges they face, has recently earned recognition for helping families facing property foreclosure recover the maximum amount of funds in the shortest amount of time.

In a recent case, Darrel Bacon shared his experience with NEA, highlighting the invaluable aid provided during a challenging time. Bacon states: “The National Home Equity helped my family get back the difference between what the home sold for and the amount of “the loan that had to be recovered. 

Bacon stressed the transparent procedure handling, with NEA taking a 20% fee for their services. Bacon was elated by the honesty exhibited by the West Palm Beach real estate agents and the efficient handling of paperwork via text messages, helping him get his funds within two and a half weeks.

Another beneficiary of NEA’s services, Kelly Declue, said she was skeptical about unexpected financial assistance. 

“However, NEA’s real estate agents in Florida reached out to me about money I had no idea about, and at first, I thought this was a scam,” Declue admitted. 

Reassured by NEA’s patience and explanation, Declue allowed them to proceed. The team at NEA went above and beyond, handling the case with dedication. Declue appreciated the speed at which the funds were received and the fact that NEA managed the entire process, sparing her the need to go to court.

NEA’s commitment to assisting families facing foreclosure extends beyond individual cases. The leading real estate company is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to all its clients, ensuring transparent communication, efficient procedures, and fair resolutions. NEA’s model is laser-focused on minimizing financial burdens for homeowners while facilitating a smooth transition through challenging times.

NEA’s property foreclosure experts navigate complex legal landscapes and intricate financial systems to uncover surplus funds rightfully owed to clients. They empower clients by giving them the knowledge and support they need to make informed decisions about their financial futures. 

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How Surplus Funds Accumulate

When a homeowner defaults on their mortgage and the property goes into foreclosure, the lender auctions the home to recover what is owed. Often, the winning bid amount exceeds the total debt. This excess amount is known as surplus funds. Surplus funds accumulate when:

·   There are few bidders at the auction, allowing the winning bidder to purchase the property below market value.

·   The property has significantly appreciated in value since the homeowner took out the mortgage.

·   Additional fees, interest charges and penalties have increased the amount owed over time.

Why Surplus Funds Go Unclaimed

There are a few reasons why surplus funds end up unclaimed:

·   Lack of awareness: Homeowners may not realize they are entitled to surplus funds from the foreclosure of their property. They may have moved away or are unaware the foreclosure auction has already occurred.

·   Difficulty locating funds: Surplus funds are often held by the county clerk’s office, but they can be hard to find without knowing which county the property is located in and having details about the foreclosure.

·   Time restrictions: Most states have statutes of limitations on claiming surplus funds, often just 3 to 5 years. If homeowners do not claim the funds within the allowed time period, the money then belongs to the county.

·   Life changes: Major life events like job loss, medical issues or relocation can disrupt a homeowner’s ability to claim what they are owed. By the time their situation stabilizes, the opportunity to recover the funds may have passed.

With billions in unclaimed money at stake, surplus funds recovery firms work to locate and return these funds to their rightful owners. For homeowners, recovering even a portion of surplus funds can help rebuild financial security after a foreclosure.

Why You Should Recover Your Surplus Funds

There are several compelling reasons why you should recover any surplus funds from a foreclosure on property you once owned.

Recover What is Rightfully Yours

The surplus funds generated from the foreclosure sale of your property are legally yours. When a property sells at auction for more than what is owed, the additional money belongs to the former property owner. Recovering this money is simply taking back what already belongs to you.

Unclaimed Funds are Lost Forever

Surplus funds that go unclaimed for a certain period of time, typically 3 to 5 years, are turned over to the state. Once the funds have been transferred to the state, the original property owner loses the right to claim them. To avoid losing out on money that could be used to pay off debts or get back on your feet financially, act quickly to recover any surplus funds from the sale of your foreclosed property.

The Process is Straightforward

The process for recovering surplus foreclosure funds typically involves filing a petition with the court where the foreclosure took place and providing documentation proving your ownership of the property. While the specific requirements vary in each state, the overall process is usually quite straightforward, especially if you were listed as an owner on the property records and mortgage or deed of trust. With some persistence and by meeting the necessary legal requirements, you have a good chance of recovering funds that are legally and rightfully yours.

Recovering surplus funds from the foreclosure of your property is well worth the effort. Do not let unclaimed money that belongs to you go to the state when you could put it towards rebuilding your financial stability. Check with the court where your foreclosure took place to determine the specific requirements for claiming any surplus funds in your state.

How a Surplus Funds Recovery Specialist Can Help

A surplus funds recovery specialist can help guide you through the complex process of claiming unclaimed foreclosure surplus funds that may be owed to you

As a homeowner who has gone through foreclosure, you may be entitled to surplus funds that were generated from the foreclosure sale of your property. However, the procedures for recovering these funds can be complicated and time-consuming to navigate on your own. A surplus funds recovery specialist has the experience and expertise to handle the necessary legal paperwork and follow the proper steps to potentially recover money that you are owed.

Surplus funds recovery specialists are professionals who specialize in identifying and facilitating the recovery of excess proceeds from real estate transactions like foreclosures. They have a deep understanding of the laws regarding surplus funds in your state and will do extensive research into county records to determine if funds from the sale of your foreclosed property remain unclaimed. If surplus funds are located, the specialist can file the appropriate legal motions and claims on your behalf to recover the money.

Utilizing the services of a surplus funds recovery specialist significantly increases your chances of receiving funds you may not have even realized were available to you. They stay up-to-date with the complex rules and regulations regarding surplus funds recovery to ensure all paperwork is completed accurately and deadlines are met. Surplus funds recovery can be a complicated process, but specialists have the experience to handle all aspects from start to finish while you avoid the hassle.

In summary, a surplus funds recovery specialist provides the expertise and convenience needed to navigate the legal system and potentially claim money you’re owed from the foreclosure of your property. With their assistance, you have the best opportunity to resurrect funds you likely thought were lost forever.


As a homeowner, you have rights to the equity in your property. Foreclosure surplus funds provide an opportunity to recover some of the money that should have been rightfully yours. Do your research, understand your rights, and take action to claim what is legally owed to you. While the foreclosure process can be emotionally difficult, focusing your energy into recovering available funds can provide financial relief and a sense of closure. Surplus funds recovery is a chance for a small win during a challenging time. With persistence and the help of professionals, you have the power to resurrect your finances and move forward in a positive way. The money may not undo the foreclosure, but it can help ensure your financial security and stability going forward. You owe it to yourself and your family to pursue the full compensation afforded to you by law. Take that important first step today.

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