What is National Equity Agency?


National Equity Agency (NEA) is a specialized firm dedicated to helping homeowners recover excess foreclosure proceeds. These funds, often overlooked and unclaimed, are the surplus amounts left after a foreclosed property is sold at auction and all debts are paid. NEA’s mission is to streamline the recovery process, providing homeowners with the financial resources they are rightfully owed and empowering them to rebuild their lives.

NEA aims to ensure that every homeowner can reclaim their funds with ease and confidence.


National Equity Agency

The National Equity Agency (NEA) is your steadfast ally in reclaiming financial stability after the loss of a home to foreclosure.

Our team of dedicated legal experts works tirelessly to ensure that homeowners receive the excess foreclosure proceeds that are rightfully theirs. At NEA, we embody the values of justice, transparency, and empowerment, offering unwavering support to guide you through the complex legal processes involved in fund recovery.


Our Vision

At National Equity Agency (NEA), we envision a future where every homeowner, regardless of their past financial challenges or foreclosure history, can seamlessly reclaim their rightful surplus funds and achieve financial stability. Our vision is to become the foremost authority and trusted partner in excess foreclosure proceeds recovery, advocating for homeowners’ rights and financial empowerment across the nation.

We aspire to build a world where the complexities of foreclosure recovery are demystified and accessible to all, ensuring that no homeowner is left unaware or unable to claim what is legally theirs. Through relentless advocacy, cutting-edge technology, and a team of dedicated legal experts, we aim to transform the recovery landscape into one that is transparent, efficient, and supportive.

Our vision includes fostering a community of informed and empowered homeowners who are equipped with the knowledge and resources to navigate their financial futures confidently. We believe in creating lasting change by educating homeowners on their rights, providing unwavering support throughout the recovery process, and promoting financial literacy to prevent future financial hardships.

As we look to the future, NEA is committed to continuous innovation and improvement in our services. We strive to set new standards in the industry by leveraging advanced research methods, streamlining legal procedures, and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Our goal is to make the recovery process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, ensuring that every homeowner we assist can move forward with renewed hope and financial security.

Ultimately, NEA’s vision is to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change, helping homeowners rebuild their lives and secure a brighter, more stable future. Through our unwavering dedication to justice, transparency, and client empowerment, we are determined to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, transforming the foreclosure recovery experience for the better.

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We navigate complex legal landscapes and intricate financial systems to uncover surplus funds rightfully owed to you. Our commitment to precision and diligence ensures that no opportunity is missed.


We empower our clients by providing them with the knowledge and support they need to make informed decisions about their financial futures. Our goal is to empower you to regain control of your financial situation.


We are staunch advocates for your rights and financial well-being. Our experienced team leverages their expertise in real estate law to assertively pursue your surplus funds and ensure you receive what is legally yours.


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